Fines dating a trombonist

According to liner notes from "Minor Mishap", "This record date was originally made for the Jazzline label for release under Willie Wilson's name.

Possibly the company had plans to develop Wilson as a name artist but sadly he died in1963." (Alan Morgan) The great jazz trumpet player Willie Thomas mentions Will Wilson from his army days back in the early 50's: "Later that afternoon, I was in my new barracks and I heard the mother load of jazz coming from the next building.

It is in the form of an oscillogram showing the tuning discrepancies in percentages of Acks flgelhorn. There are sixtyone (61) musical offences listed, each with its appropriate fine in dollars, which I am authorised to collect.

They are a branch of the Thought Police, and they are watching you. Explain them away with a nonchalant wave of the hand? A catalogue of fines has now been issued, and I have been sent a copy.

Europeans may convert to their own currency if they wish, but I accept dollars as well.When I entered the room, there were a dozen or so cats with horns and a rhythm section, Wynton Kelly, piano, George Joiner, aka, Jamil Nassar, bass and Dick Fisher drummer, all members of the Special Service Unit attached to the 3rd Army band.The trombone was an essential component of the brass parade bands that were a staple of black social and cultural life in many southern cities around the turn of the twentieth century.Small boretrombones Olds Standard tenor and B&H Imperial G/D bass trombones Olds Standard B flattenor trombone I use this instrument for French third trombone parts when the section scales down to small bore instruments.It has a dual bore (0.485"/0.500") slide with in-slide tuning and a 7" bell.