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It uses conversation rather than essays or videos to soften new interactions. The red/gray/black/white theme is striking, yet somehow manages to look dated.Once registered, the user is directed to a page for creating a profile.It also hosts blogs, forums, and a section for personal advertisements. The concept is to use conversations as a way to get to know people rather than algorithms or essays.

The app is in the beta phase and only available in a few cities at present.Nerve or is an American online magazine dedicated to sexual topics, relationships and culture.Founded by Rufus Griscom and Genevieve Field, it publishes articles and photography.In January 2013, the site launched its service for couples (currently available in only five U. cities) that gives members access to a concierge to set up dates ranging from the straightforward (a prix fixe dinner in Manhattan) to the offbeat (an archery lesson in Queens).The couples membership runs per month; the one for singles starts at per month.