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Or join a club for your interests (for me its triathlon club, mountain bike club etc) that way you're guaranteed someone with similar interests to you and it may last longer...

Sometimes, I feel like taking a tub of Jenson & Nicholson mixed paint and liberally sprinkling it as I walk down the street. Of course that would get me deported faster than I could say "Kalani" Now I am not particularly looking or chomping at the bit for a relationship but since I find Swiss men so conservative and "strange" as we could so call them, I was wondering if anyone has had some funny experiences with Swiss men or women?

One out of every two active members on Luxy earns more than 500K.

41% of income-verified Luxy members earn more than 1M .

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Indeed, Blinq sees part of its business model as a b2b service selling the ability for venues to encourage Blinq users who are nearby to come inside and have a drink or two on the house by pushing out relevant offers, sweetened with the knowledge that one (or more) of their prior matches happens to be inside.

These work with an in app feature called Insta Connect which lets users opt in to be notified if any of their dating matches or singles that fit their criteria happen to be hanging out at the same location.

Thus far Blinq has mostly rolled out the Bluetooth i Beacons in Zurich, as part of its pilot, and is still very much in a learning phase with the proximity technology.

She does know that one of her single friends dated many Swiss men and found them all boring. The Frau herself has a couple of Swiss guy friends that are so far from boring that they sing Frank Sinatra tunes in strip clubs to earn extra vacation days at their Zurich ad agency. Cold people: yes, they can seem that way as they don’t usually smile or make small talk with strangers. Rigid: yes, do not put your garbage out a minute too early or you will pay the price.

I guess these guys didn’t talk much and the Frau’s friend always felt like she had to lead the conversation. But if you can get past their hard exterior the Swiss people are generally kind and loyal. Unwelcoming: yes, there is a lot of xenophobia in Switzerland.