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Even worse for Amber is the fact that it’s not just the audience who loves the new girl in town; Amber’s sweetheart, Link Larkin (Zac Efron), seems to be smitten with ’s eyes to a bigger issue than the latest dance craze or the coolest hairdo – racial inequality.

Throwing caution to the wind, she leads a march with Motormouth Maybelle (Queen Latifah) to fight for integration and winds up with an arrest warrant instead. With people like John Travolta and Michelle and Queen and all those guys, it was just a really amazing thing and to pass it up would be the most craziest thing you could do in your life.

’ and, if I was watching it, ‘how would I do it better?

That doesn’t stop After wowing Corny Collins (James Marsden) at her high school dance, Tracy wins a spot on his show and becomes an instant on-air sensation, much to the chagrin of the show’s reigning princess, Amber Von Tussle (Brittany Snow), and her scheming mother, Velma (Michelle Pfeiffer), who runs television station WYZT.

Ally Maki: Like you said, I think Min is a very headstrong girl. AE: So much has changed in the last few years regarding queer characters and visibility; it almost feels as if we are becoming simply characters, not just gay characters.

She’s completely comfortable with how she is and her sexuality. She’s in a relationship with Nikki Blonsky’s character, Terese, and she really is the spearhead for this group, and its formation and the idea for Geography Club. But I feel like New Yorkers are really straightforward. As an actress and someone who has been working in the industry for some time, what’s your perspective on that shift? What I love about this movie is that it is a teen movie, but the characters in the move are actually breaking stereotypes.

No casting has been announced for the current production.

Posted below is the roundtable interview with Amanda Bynes and Elijah Kelley.