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As defined in NAGPRA, "Native American" refers to human remains and cultural items relating to tribes, peoples, or cultures that resided within the area now encompassed by the United States prior to the historically documented arrival of European explorers, irrespective of when a particular group may have begun to reside in this area, and, irrespective of whether some or all of these groups were or were not culturally affiliated or biologically related to present-day Indian tribes.

In the case of race, individuals who possess the highest level of perceived status may choose to date across colour lines if they also perceive some form of surplus (e.g.

However, this will be a subsequent step in our assistance to the DOA and is not addressed further in this memorandum.

We currently are investigating the possible cultural affiliation of these remains.

However, when broken down, the results revealed that certain racial/ethnic combinations were less inclined than others to date someone who was partly outside of their own race and ethnicity.

White biracial individuals (Asian-white, Hispanic-white, and other-white, for example), were less likely to indicate a preference to date outside of their racial/ethnic category compared to the biracial daters as a whole.