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In the first of what is expected to be several days of testimony, Wildstein recounted how—from as early as a year after Christie first won election—the governor’s administration began organizing to woo local Democratic officeholders to cross party lines and endorse him. “Governor Christie,” Wildstein replied Stepien is currently working for Trump as his campaign’s national field director, while Christie is currently a top adviser who is planning his potential presidential transition.

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See the Governors Island calendar for a schedule of events.

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After years of silence and mystery, David Wildstein, the confessed mastermind of George Washington Bridge scheme, finally took the stand this afternoon in the trial of two former colleagues from Governor Chris Christie’s administration.

But his testimony, at least to begin with, was as notable for what it indicated about two individuals who were not in the courtroom, Christie and his former campaign manager, Bill Stepien—both of whom are now top figures in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign—as it was for anything he said about the actual defendants.